My workout starting June 2012

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My workout starting June 2012

Postby hugoadmin » Sat Jun 09, 2012 11:33 am

Working out is not an easy thing for me at my age (51), but it is something I know I must do if I wish to stay young. I think the hardest part is trying to keep a regular schedule. It just always seems so easy for me to find excuses not to go to the gym. "Oh, I have a ton of email I have to get caught up on". "I am too sore from yesterday, I should give it a rest". "I forgot to wash my gym clothes (even though I have more then one set)". The excuses are many and it just seem too easy to take advantage of them.

I have always been one to try and do exercise, not that I always do, just that I always try. I had my own home gym at one point, when I was 35. At that time I was up around 240lbs and starting to see the problems associated with it. My doctor told me to get down the weight or pay the piper. So I did. I got down to 195, the best shape I had been in since I was 25. But, things happened, personal problems, divorce, business going down, on and on, more and more excuses. It was not long before I was right back up around 240 again and all the problems started coming back. High blood pressure, high blood sugar, knees hurting, back hurting, gout attacks almost bi-monthly, I was a mess. Every time I would get up too that point I would tell myself that I need to do something about it. I would start going to the gym and get my weight back down closer to 200 and feel better. But again it would not be long before I would start to find excuses and my weight starts going back up.

Let me let you in on a little secret and I am sure this is not just my little secret. I am sure there are a lot of people out there my age, or even younger, that secretly are wishing the same thing. Despite my age, I want to have a 6 pack. In fact, I have never had a 6 pack my whole life. Right now I have a keg! LOL
Inside my head I know I have the ability to do it but it seems like every time I start to get close I sabotage my own efforts with my excuses. Am I secretly afraid of looking better? Do I some how think I do not deserve it?

OK, so here I am, here and now. The reason I am posting this here is because I think if I put myself out there, post this where others can see and know that others are seeing what I am doing, maybe, just maybe, I will drop the excuses. Maybe I will have better motivation to carry on and get the deed done. I know what I have to do, I know how to do it, I just need to stick with it. So, here it goes.

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 216 lbs
Age: 51
Neck: 15"
Chest: 48"
Belly: 43"
Waist (just above the hips): 39"
Biceps: 13"
Forearms: 12"
Thigh: 24"
Calf: 17"

Wow, honestly, I just took those measurements right now while I was writing this and looking at them, wow, I can't believe what I am seeing. My calfs are bigger then my biceps, really?? Damn!

For the past year I have been toying around with several forms of exercise routines. Starting tomorrow I am going to plan everything out and stick with it.
From my measurements and weight I am going to say that I need to start out with higher reps, lower weights and more cardio until I get my fat content down more. Once I get down around 200 lbs then I will increase my weight training, decrease the cardio and try to get my muscle mass up there.

Another reason I am posting here is I am more them willing to take suggestions from others. if, from my info, you think you see something I should be doing or not doing, please, I am all ears.

It is the middle of the night so too dark for pictures but in the morning I will take some pictures and post up here. That is going to be a big step, leap is more like it, for me. I am kind of afraid to let others see just how out of shape I am but I know it is a step I must take if I really want to press myself to get it done.

I also know that a very large part of my problem is eating. I actually keep a pretty healthy diet. I am practically a vegetarian at this point, not because I don't want to eat meat or anything, just I don't seem to tolerate it so well nor do I particularly like the taste anymore. Any how, I eat pretty healthy food but my problem is I eat too much. I have a habit also of never wanting anything to go to waste. I often catch myself finishing up my girls food if they don't. I know this is wrong and I know I need to decrease my portions. There, I said it, its out there, no more excuses. Follow though Hugo, get it done. I would also be more then willing to take advice on this also.

So, let me set some goals:

200 by the end of this month (June of 2012).
Loose my keg (at least have a flat belly) by the end of July.
Have a 6 pack by the end of August.
Have my biceps at least as large as my calfs.
End goal, be able to wear a white T-shirt and jeans without feeling embarrassed. (tight T-shirt tucked into the jeans).

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Re: My workout starting June 2012

Postby hugoadmin » Sat Jun 16, 2012 5:00 am

OK, well, let me start by saying, giving an excuse, that I took pictures but they did not turn out right. I actually cannot take pictures of myself by myself with what I have to take pictures so I had my daughter take them. Between her not knowing how to use the camera and not having good light or room to take them, they all came out blurry. We took lots of extras to try and make sure we had good ones, but, well,.......

I made sure to work out everyday this week, except for Today, Saturday and I will not work out tomorrow also. I need those days to rest my body.
What I did:

Monday - 10 minute stretch (I do this every time I work out so I won't repeat mentioning in the future. 6 minute warm of using the following 6 exercises for 30 seconds each, twice: Jumping Jacks - Skier lunges - Line jumps - Fast feet - Jump twist - High knees.

Work out:

Ladders (20-15-10-5) two exercises per set, 2 minute rest between sets. So, 20 push ups, directly followed by 20 lunges, directly followed by 15 push ups, directly followed by 15 lunges, and so on, and so on down to 5 each and then a 2 minute rest. Then on to set 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Set 1 - Push ups/Forward Lunges
Set 2 - Bend over rows (60lbs)/Reverse Lunges
Set 3 - Shoulder press (60lbs)/Pile Squats
Set 4 - Squat curls (50 lbs)/Ball leg curls
Set 5 - Narrow push ups/Dumbbell squats (60lbs)

Tuesday - Stretch and Warm up, 5 minutes, HILI 30 seconds switch on VersaClimber

Ladders again (20-15-10-5)

Set 1 - Medicine ball over head jump lunges/MB on feet up crunches
Set 2 - Diamond (close grip) push ups/Over head medicine ball squat jumps
Set 3 - Push up Burpees/Medicine Ball Gorilla Swings
Set 4 - Exercise ball roll out/Pikes
Set 5 - Reverse Crunch/Wall Jump

Wednesday - Stretch, warmup same as Monday


30 minutes on Rowing machine

Thursday, repeat of Monday
Friday, repeat of Tuesday

So here are my current pictures with understanding that I am already 1 week into my workout:




And here are my current measurements:

Neck - 15.5"
Chest - 48"
Biceps - 13.25"
Belly - 42"
Waist - 39"
Thighs - 24.5"
Calfs - 16.5"

I have injured my knee, actually is a reoccurring problem just below my knee (sprinters shin?) but other then that I have been feeling great.
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Re: My workout starting June 2012

Postby hugoadmin » Sun Aug 12, 2012 12:08 am


I did not achieve my goals. :( :( :( :(

Look, I can give a list as long as my arm as to why I was not able to do this from my girls being out of school for the summer, to, having to travel a lot lately to finish up a big business deal. But, the end all of end all is, I failed. I did not do what I set out to do and there is no one, nothing, to blame but myself.

So, where do I go from here? Forward, of course. The worst thing that I can do is feel defeated and not continue to try.

Where am I now?

217 lbs - 27.4% BF
Neck - 15.5"
Chest - 46.5
Biceps - 14.5
Belly - 41.5
Waist - 40.5
Thighs - 23.5
Calfs - 16

So I have dropped some on my chest, which is good as there is a lot of fat there. My neck has stayed the same, Biceps are up, Belly and waist are about the same, thighs down a bit. All the numbers are OK but my weight is going up. It would be great to say that I am gaining muscle and loosing fat but unfortunately I cannot claim that, yet. I did not have something to gauge my BF before but I do now. The machine I bought also checks my Bone mass density (%) and now that I can put all the numbers together, I have a new plan.

I want to get down to 200lbs but most importantly, I need to get down to 15% body fat. That would allow for me to loose about 28 more lbs of fat and gain 10 lbs of muscle.. If I want to take the muscle higher, I can decide that when I start to get close to my goal. I will have to see how I look. But given that at 220lbs, where I was just a week ago, my BF was 27.8% and my skeleton was 28.9% of my body weight, I know that trying to get down to 185 is just not realistic for me. I will probably look like a skeleton with skin.

I am going to focus on my upper body, as in, loosing fat and building my arms and shoulders. I feel that widening my shoulders can make a huge difference in my overall look, plus flattening my belly (you know, what I said I was going to do by now). :(

No more excuses. I am off to the gym now, wish me luck.

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Re: My workout starting June 2012

Postby hugoadmin » Sun Oct 12, 2014 8:25 pm

Wow, a 2 and a half year rest? Well, not exactly but close.
What has been happening with me? More of the same I am afraid. I let myself get all the way back up to 240 again.
What are your excuses now Hugo? Well, I started up 2 new companies and have been really busy???? Yes, really it is the truth but I also know that is just another excuse in a long line of excuses.
So, what are you doing about it Hugo?
Well, I bought some Bowflex adjustable dumbells (1090 - each adjusts in increments of 5lbs from 10lbs up to 90lbs each). I bought an ab roller, not the kind you lay on your back and it helps you do crunches. Its the wheel that has a rod through it, you get on your knees, grab each side of the rod and roll out forward, then back. I also bought a mat and an exercise ball so that I could do my work outs at home. The idea being to take away the long term excuse I always had of, "I don't have time to get to the gym".
Has it worked? Well, yes and no. I don't have my 6 pack yet but I have lost 24lbs and I feel I am pretty good physical condition (endurance wise). I know I still have a long ways to go but at least I have found some things to really help me feel better, recover faster and push through plateaus I could not get through before.

NAD+, I am taking this every day now, about 120mg daily. At first I did not think this was doing anything but when I stopped taking for a bit, WOW, then I realized what a difference it had been making. It just make me feel so much better and stronger, like I have been taking pure oxygen.

AEDG, I have been taking this now for about 4 years, cycle on and off. It keeps my immune system way up so I don't get sick, which can be a real drag on workouts. It also gives me a very restful sleep and has helped me push back the hands of time enough that people think I am much younger then my actual age.

BPC-157, This stuff is just simply amazing. My muscle recover so much faster on this and my entire digestive tract is so much better now. I don't even know all the things this may be doing for me but I would be willing to bet that most of my internal organs are also much younger than my age. I can definitely tell that my lung capacity is way back up again, I can hold my breath again over 2 minutes (when I was younger I could do 4 minutes but dropped below 1 minute in the last 10 years.

Water Water Water - I make sure I drink plenty but not as much as I used to. I used to drink like a gallon a day and that just turned out to be too much for me. Now I drink about 3 liters and that seems to be just about perfect. I also try to spread it out more, instead of gulping down a whole liter in 1 shot. I take lots of sips all the time.

OK, so, now I am 216.6lbs as of this morning. I have had a big drop in my belly size, my chest and arms are getting more firm and my weights for exercise have doubled in the last 2 weeks.
I have some pictures I took about a month ago I will post along with current ones. I didn't report and post when I started up on my exercise routine this time because, well, to be honest, I thought it was just going to be another attempt with failure. What a great way to set up, huh??? Stupid Hugo. But, as it turns out, and I credit the stuff I mentioned above, it appears I am going to be able to stick it out this time and maybe, just maybe (no, come on Hugo, commit) I will reach my goal of a six pack.

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