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Welcome to Applied Youth Forum

Postby hugoadmin » Thu Mar 29, 2012 10:11 am

I have spent my last 20 years studying, reading, watching, trying and hoping for changes in medicine, knowledge and minds of people with regards to Gerontology. It is my opinion, and the opinion of others, that growing old does not have to be such a painful or debilitating affair.

It is my hope that this site can be used and shared by others like me with interest in life extension and improving the quality of that life. So, please, if this is a subject that interests you or you are looking for answers to these same questions and concerns, then join us in providing, asking or answering questions, concerns, information and potential solutions. Its all about sharing!

I in no way claim to be an expert, Dr., or professional in the field of Gerontology. The information and opinions I give here are my own, based on my individual studies and experimentation. And as such, I welcome countering thoughts, information and supporting documentation. There is a world of varying ideas out there and all are welcome. I only ask that we do so in a civil way.

You will need to sign up in order to post or reply in this forum. The information you provide is kept secret but we do need to verify that you are a real person and have the intention of using this site for its intended purpose, not for advertising and spamming. It is not a long process and it does not ask for too much information. You will need to respond to a verification email and then you are set.

At any time, if you would like to return to the main website, just click on the large logo at the top of the page. Likewise, anytime in the main site, you can click on the "forum" link at the top right of the page.

Now, stop reading this dull dribble and get to posting!!! :)


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