Emmunity Boost???

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Emmunity Boost???

Postby hugoadmin » Tue Jul 17, 2012 2:37 am

Since I started taking AGAG back in Oct. of 2011, I had noted that I did not get sick. I would not say that I am a sickly person, but, I do have 3 children aging from 4 to 11 and they pick up just about anything that is going around and bringing it home. In the past, I would get 3 or 4 colds every fall, winter and spring with at least one being a full on flu attack. This season I avoided that. Although, I did have a couple of times where I started to feel a little tickle in my throat or maybe had a slight cough when I went to bed but by the next day I would be fine.

2 weeks ago I stopped taking AGAG. Not really by choice, just that I had run out of my current mix with wine and was actually planning on trying it by injection as I have everything already to do that. But for some reason, one thing lead to another, I just ended up not taking any AGAG for 2 weeks. Well, guess what??? I got sick, big time sick. Definitely a virus that hit both my upper and lower respiratory tracks. It even felt as though I was not getting air flow to one of my lungs and I was hacking up some serious phlegm.

I did not even think about the non-AGAG issue until I opened my freezer to get some ice for Tang I was making and saw my vials of AGAG. I knew I had been feeling better and had not gotten sick while on it so I mixed some up and took it yesterday morning. Well, here I am, 4:25pm the next day and I feel pretty damn good. I have a very very slight cough, mostly just some residual nasal flow down the back of my throat, but all in all I feel pretty good. As sick as I was, I had originally planned to head to the doctor today for a check up and meds. I was seriously down and out.

I am just making this up? Is it just palcebo? Hey, could be!!! Anything is possible but research has been showing that the AGAG does boost the immune system. Obviously if it does help with telomerase, the immune system would be one of the first places for this activity to be effected, that and the reproductive system which is proving to be obvious as noted by others taking AGAG already.

Is it worth it to me try both being on AGAG and off AGAG at times that I am around those who are ill and test fate as it were. Ummmm, I don't think so. But I feel confident enough in what I have experienced thus far to try harder at staying on the AGAG. I would rather say well and point to that as proof then to let myself get ill again.

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