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AGAG Available

Postby hugoadmin » Sat Aug 11, 2012 11:20 pm

Following is a list of suppliers that I have found and any corresponding information or responses from buyers that I have received.

Bioluma Research - ( They are gone)

Biotrends HK Co. Limited -

All this information has changed. First, let me make it clear that I now work for this company so I totally understand if people feel there is a conflict of interest. Regardless, my feeling is, I work there so I know the quality and I have no issue recommending because of that.
You need to go to and click on the signup link at top right. You must be a member to order from this site. They do not adverstise, they do not promote in any way. They only produce what their members request.
You must have a KeyCode to sign up. You can use: Forever Young 101. This allows them to know that you are coming from someone that has knowledge of the products and can answer your questions. Better yet, it means that you belong to a board or association, such as this one.
They are putting the A.E.D.G. into micro-spheres and then into Vegan capsules along with Resveratol, L-Carnosine and Lycopene. I am currently taking it and love it. They also have other products all based around live extention, health and beauty.

21st Century Alternatives -
<del>They do not list their price on the site but I see them all the time on ebay selling it for $295 BP per 50mg vial. I don't know anyone who has bought from them and have not received any feed back.</del>
This company appears to be defunct.

Super Nutrition -
They put the AEDG into mint tablets. I have personally bought some of these and found that many had disintegrated inside of the bottle. There are 60 tablets per bottle at a report 3mg per tablet, 180mg, and costs $179 Euro. I sent some of the mints to a lab and had them tested, they only had between 2.1 to 2.5mg of AEDG inside and the lab said that the tablets were not made in a way to stabilize the peptide. So, it could be that they were originally 3mg each but are degrading quickly.
I have received 4 reports from people, other than me, who have tried these. 1 said that it caused sores in his mouth but later felt that it could have been unrelated. The other 3 said they finished a bottle but never had the effects like taking the powder, (lucid dreaming, increased libido, etc....)

Genscript -
Hmm, I need to be careful with this because, overall, these are really great guys. They do very good work in the research development field but are not really what can be stated as producers of peptides. They can supply peptides but it does not mean that they produce it. This is nothing out of the ordinary and I would not even mention it except for a couple of issues. 1 - They try to pass themselves off as a US producer of peptide but in fact all the peptides they sell are not made in the US, only a distribution point in the US. They are headquartered near Shanghai China and do have a very nice lab there but are more centered around research development of new peptides. They do buy peptides from outside sources in China and then relabel them. 2 - I have bought AEDG from them and had it reverse HPLC tested. These were the results. Supposed to be 50mg, was only 22mg. Of the 22mg only 16 of it was AEDG. Did not come in a glass airtight seal vial, instead, comes in a plastic tube with a screw on cap. Because it was not in a airtight sealed vial, the peptide had absorbed moisture and had turned to a glue like substance at the bottom of the plastic tube. Purity was listed as 98% but was only 94%. I have not received back any positive or negative results from anyone using their AEDG.
Cost is hard to know. They only sell in bulk and you need to request a quote. I have received a quote from them for 1 kilo at $25,000 but others have said they got better pricing, once, on only 100g. It is very hard to say, you just have to submit a quote request.

Sorry, I know this is not an exhaustive list but this is the ones I am aware of for now. If anyone knows of others, please feel free to sign up and post that information.

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