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I have set this post to be listed in both Inside Out and Skin Deep because, well, because this stuff helps on both those fronts. BPC -157 is a synthetic analog of a substance made in your pancreas and has been utilized for a few years now in wound healing.  It has been added to […]

Why do we stop, is it too late?

I remember that in my youth I had a myriad of activities every day. I would get up early and run 2 miles with my father in the morning before breakfast.  I would walk to school and in school we had gymnastics, exercise, field and court games.  At recess we would usually play soccer, dodge […]

Reach for it!

When we think of exercise, most of us imagine donning some sweats or shorts and a T-shirt, sport shoes and other various workout paraphernalia so we can sweat it out in a gym.  X-amount of cardio, x-amount of weights, tred mills, ellipes and stair climbers.  Sound familiar?