Starting a new renew regime.

Hi everyone,

Really glad to see all the new subscribers and for those of you who have been with me from the beginning, thanks for hanging in there while I worked through all my personal stuff.

So, what is the latest?

I have packed on 10 kilo

I have not been taking AEDG.

I have not been taking MT2

I have not been taking anything and even stopped exercise.  Needless to say, I am a complete mess.  I am back, pretty close, to how I looked 7 years ago when I first started to trial MT2 and AEDG.

I promise I will post pictures and follow up as often as I can with my progress.

I am going to go back on AEDG, MT2 and in addition take NAD+, BPC-157 and go back to exercising.  I will detail all this in a new blog/vlog that I will post on and youtube.

Again, I am sorry I have been so quiet but going through a divorce, moving to Thailand and everything that comes with that really used up my time.  Thank you for the patience but I am sure you are going to enjoy watching the transformation.

I hope a few of you will join me in my quest.  I will post everything I do and you can follow along if you wish.

except for the exercise, everything I will be taking is available at and you can sign up with my keycode:  ForeverYoung


Best regards,

Hugo Walker


Epitalon – Epithalon – Epithalone……

I have been seeing so many different versions of the name for A.E.D.G. out on the net.  Most are all geared around the Trade Mark for it given by Dr. Khavison who discovered it.  The problem with using these names is that its a TM violation and the thing is, he did not just file that TM in Russia but in multiple countries around the world.  Anyone selling A.E.D.G. under the name of, or close to, Epithalon is basically doing so illegally and also just doing so to ride on the coat tails of the buzz created around it by Khavison and his clinic in Russia.

If you are currently buying A.E.D.G. from a company that is selling it as Epitalon, Epithlone ect….. just know why they are doing that and doing so says a lot about their credibility, or lack thereof.

It is easy to build a shopping cart, and in doing so, you can make yourself look like some serious, upscale lab or supplier of products when in fact it may not be anything more than a reselling business run out of someones basement with no concern to the quality or even viability of the product they are selling.

This may seem like a strange topic but the thing is that I am constantly asked if the products we produce, Nouvelle Vie and X-Tend, are similar to Epithalon, that they are looking for products that contain Epithalon.  I find myself having to try and explain that Epithalon is merely a name given to A.E.D.G. and that, yes, in fact, Biotrends products do contain A.E.D.G.  It is like someone asking a store if the box of tissues for sale contain Kleenex.

A.E.D.G. is a tetra-peptide containing 4 amino acids.  Those amino acids are chained together in a specific order and fashion to allow a manufactured copy of a substance produced by the pineal glad, Epithalamine.  Because A.E.D.G. is a bio structured copy of Epithalamine, Dr. Khavison choose to call the peptide he makes Epithalon.

Epithalamine can be extracted from humans or animals but degrades very quickly and as such is not viable as a form of replacement.  A.E.D.G. is also, in just a natural state, not very stable but can be made far more stable, through various technics, during production.

Lastly, I would like to breach the subject of TFA.  TFA is a kind of acid used in the production of peptides.  Because some labs have started to advertise TFA removal services, it has started to created a bit of a scare in the community about TFA, in high amounts, being in peptides they are using.  Firstly, let me relieve some of that concern by letting you know, the only peptides that might have a high amount of TFA is going to be very low quality, non medical grade, peptides.  Secondly, TFA in a peptide is not going to cause an “side effects”.  Its not toxic to humans but, in high quantity, is toxic to some bacteria and allege in water.  Why would someone be concerned about TFA in peptides.  Well, because of it stopping, inhibiting, some growths, it may skew lab results where they are specifically monitoring, looking for the rate of those things.  For anyone that may be concerned about TFA in A.E.D.G.; you will know if it does contain it because it will not retain its powder form after Freeze Drying.  The powder will become a clear, glue like, substance at the bottom of the vial.  I have only ever seen this condition from 1 company and that is also, coincidentally, the same company that is now promoting TFA removal.  We very rarely use TFA for synthesis because we do not normally produce any low grade peptides.  We have never used TFA for the production of A.E.D.G.  Any peptides that we produce all go through a rigorous filtration system utilizing a proprietary process that would remove any TFA anyhow.

Been gone too long!!!

It has been far far to long since I have posted, updated/added anything to this site and for that I am truly sorry.  Sorry to myself more than anyone else as this was a passion.
I dare not say that I was too busy, even though I truly was, but rather, I was distracted.  I put up this site with intent of sharing my collected information with others but what I have been busy doing is gleaning new knowledge that seems to change as rapidly as the sun rises and sets.  I was rather overwhelmed to say the least and I felt like there was no way I could keep up.

I have decided that I do not want to give up on this site, rather, I want to make it better, functional and something that others can enjoy, contribute and gain from.  To accomplish this, I am removing the Bulletin Board.  All my time was taken up chasing away bots without any real contribution.  There is a good chance that there were people signing up that may have contributed but, again, chasing the bots away probably caused me to remove legitimate people.  I also want to allow others to contribute to this site.  The invitation is extended to anyone that would like to contribute an article/information.  If you have a topic you would like me to research or if you would like to write on a topic, both can be done.  You will first need to be vetted and your article will need to be reviewed before posting, but I welcome a more diverse group of ideas, articles and writing to this site.

I will allow some advertising, in very limited quantities and not in pop ups, only in side bars.  These will only be for items relating to topics of this site.

The most important point is, please, give me suggestions.  I am open to new ideas and topics as long as they are in some way related around the general topic of life extension.

All the best,



I have set this post to be listed in both Inside Out and Skin Deep because, well, because this stuff helps on both those fronts.

BPC -157 is a synthetic analog of a substance made in your pancreas and has been utilized for a few years now in wound healing.  It has been added to gel packs that are used by EMT for burn victims and it is a new additive to stomach ulcer medication as it is able to heal an ulcer in 5 days.
There is a lot of new testing and experimentation going on with this protein both in the scientific community and the personal community.  There are several completed and on going research around tendon healing.  The severed tendon of a rat can grow back together, in short order, utilizing BPC-157.  In one of those studies, the nerves for the foot of the rat were accidentally cut along with the tendon and the rat, not being able to feel his foot, chewed 1/2 of it off.  As the results required were with regards to the tendon, not the foot the rat was kept in the study and at the end of the study it was found that the rat had regrown the missing part of its foot.

BPC-157 has been studied and put in field testing by the Chinese Army to allow quick healing from injuries.  Of course, this is meant to get the solders back out on the field as soon as possible but despite its indented use in the study, the potential other uses are mind boggling.

BPC-157 has been tested on and found to reduce and/or completely eliminate the swelling caused in the intestines from Crones disease.  Not just Crones either, it can have this effect from any IBS.

If you think about where BPC-157 is produced in the body and know what it does, it makes sense that this is a “healing” substance naturally produced by our body and pumped into the digestive tract.  Why there?  Well, it is very stable in the digestive tract and therefore is able to enter the blood stream and go through out the body to aid in healing anywhere.  Technically, this should aid in the healing of all internal organs, even the brain and nerves.  In fact, it has already been trialed on liver damage and found to be able to reverse  excessive alcohol damage.

It is being used on the black market, in inject-able form, by body builders because it can heal muscle very fast.  After breaking down muscle in weight lifting, the BPC-157 can heal the muscles quickly allowing those same muscles to be broken down for building again faster than ever before.

It only makes sense that as we age, with all other functions and organs of our body, our pancreas also does not produce as much BPC-157.  It is well documented that as we age we do not heal as fast.  Given that this is a substance native to our bodies, I don’t see why this should not be fast tracked as a supplement but, given the track record of those who make these judgments (FDA), I doubt we will see it any time soon.  Heaven forbid that we should have people be healthier and live longer, right?  Too much lost pharmaceutical revenue.

Where can you find BPC-157?  Well, as always, there are a multitude of sites on the web that have it for sale, some shady some not.  Most that I have found appear to sell in inject-able vials and targeted towards the muscle building (weight lifting) community.  For my purposes, I chose to develop a form that can be taken orally.  Because it is made to survive and thrive in the digestive system, there is no need for injecting and by taking orally it can be absorbed into the blood stream and taken through out the body to heal everything.

You can find my companies BPC-157 here: Click here

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This stuff is beyond amazing and I get letters monthly from people that are getting amazing results for a variety of ailments.


It appears that there is a new kid on the block, that is to say, new as in the knowledge of its benefits.
is a precursor to NADH and has a lot of its own benefits to the body in addition to NADH but lets talk about NADH first.
NADH (vitamin B3), in nature, is found in all the living cells of plants, animals and humans. All 60 trillion cells found in the human body contain it. Brain cells contain about 50 mcg of NADH per gram of brain tissue. Heart cells contain 90 mcg of NADH per gram of heart tissue. Red blood cells contain 4 mcg of NADH. The more energy a cell needs, the higher the concentrations of NADH.
NADH is also known as co-enzyme #1 because it is top ranked over all other co-enzymes. This includes a ranking over the well known co-enzyme Q-10.
Co-enzymes are essential components of enzymes which are necessary for every metabolic reaction in our body. Co-enzymes also form other molecules in cells. Cells need these molecules to perform their functions. Without co-enzymes, the human machine does not work and all cell processes stop.
In our bodies, NADH is destroyed or depleted. The world’s most renowned doctors and scientists don’t know why NADH is being depleted from our body’s. Somehow stress, fatigue, old age, environmental chemicals, and disease may damaged or deplete our NADH supplies. Even with enough glucose and oxygen (fuel and air) some cellular engines don’t produce enough power.
We can obtain some NADH from our diet or from a dietary supplement. Either way NADH has to come from outside the body. The body doesn’t make NADH. The problem is, NADH is destroyed almost instantly by the digestive tract in humans and thus what we can get from our food or from the multitude of supplements you can find all over the net is not going to be enough to supplement our needs.

In comes NAD+
NAD+, is a redox pair to NADH and is not broken down in the digestive tract like NADH is. NAD+ activates SIRT1 (sirtuin 1). SIRT1 is the most extensively studied of the seven-member family of mammalian sirtuins. SIRT1 couples NAD+ hydrolysis with protein deacylation. It is a member of the class III family of histone deacylases and regulates DNA repair and gene transcription. SIRT1 has profound beneficial effects on renal diseases including renal aging, diabetic nephropathy, and the response to unilateral ureteral obstruction. Furthermore, SIRT1 has recently received much attention because it has salutary effects on metabolic syndrome and may mediate some of the life-prolonging effects of caloric restriction.
NAD+ is an essential cofactor for the poly-(ADP-ribose) polymerases (PARPs). These enzymes attach negatively charged polymers of ADP-ribose to proteins and change their function; in this way, PARP1 regulates apoptosis, DNA repair, necrosis, and gene transcription, including transcription of proinflammatory genes. This regulation is germane to this discussion because PARP1 is required for cisplatin nephrotoxicity.

So why am I mentioning NADH if this topic is about NAD+? Well, as mentioned above, because NAD+ is a redox pair of NADH, that means that after NAD+ has carried out its function in your body it will convert to NADH and after NADH has carried out its function, will convert back to NAD+. This conversion, however, is not on par. It will continually reduce with the eventual destruction and elimination of the co-enzymes so it is necessary to continue intake and up regulation of both. As mention previous, however, taking NADH orally will not help because it is destroyed by the intestinal tract.

So, stop looking for Vitamin B3 and start looking for supplies of NAD+.


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I’m not a mouse, a monkey or a fly!

When I was young, we used to live in a large house that was on large plot of property filled with very old oak trees.  In these tree’s were a lot of squirrels and one summer a couple of them found a way into our house, through the rafters, and started to reek havoc.

My stepfather and I decided to use a BB gun to try and get rid of them.  Their hides were so hard that the BB’s would just bounce off.  We found it necessary to get a pellet gun with arrow sharp pellets and that seemed to do the trick.

We put a wire mesh over the place where they were getting in and then waited for them to try, took aim, and, well, a couple less squirrels. (I just know that someone is going to be on my case about having shot these poor, defenseless creatures, which just so happen to have claws like razor sharp talons and carry both rabies and Bubonic plague) but within a short period of time, we had squirrels in the house again.  They had completely torn off the wire mesh and it appeared there were more this time.

We repeated the steps, waited, and sure enough, this time we shot 3 squirrels.  However, once again, it was only a matter of time and the house was being ravaged once again.  Going outside we noted that we saw even far more squirrels jumping around in the tree’s, just about the house, then we ever did and thus came to the conclusion that killing them was not working.  In fact, from what we could see, we were actually creating a void that other squirrels (and more of them) felt inclined to fill.

We gave up shooting them and instead just took a greater amount of time to secure the rafters and eventually the squirrel population around the house seemed to level back out again.

OK Hugo, what the heck does this have to do with mice, monkey’s and flies?  Well, actually this is in reference to why, people like me and others, choose to experiment with things that are not “FDA” approved.  I’m not a mouse, a monkey or a fly and yet, often times, the things I have taken have only been thoroughly experimented on mice, monkey’s or flies.  But yet, it is often because those experiments have shown great promise and also because they never seem to get past the point of mice that causes me and others like me to take that risk.  The lack of further investigation but yet the great potential in the effects creates this great void for some.  They get tired of waiting for that, “STAMP” of approval that says, “This substance is safe and we, the extremely over paid, over funded and pharmaceutical conglomerate focused group now tell you that you can take it”.  People don’t have decades to wait and are willing to try something that they have investigated enough, for themselves, to feel reasonably safe.

It goes far deeper then that if you care to really look down that hole.  You can get into the issue of, Only huge pharmaceutical’s can afford FDA testing and approvals (we are talking in the mass millions of costs).  If only they (LPC) are funding the FDA, doesn’t that make you stop and say, hmmmm?  And then there are the dozens of reports of things able to alleviate or eradicate even cancer but never see the light of day because they are suppressed or even bought out by those same pharmaceutical companies.  All this owing to the notion, regardless of truth or not, that, “Why would a large pharmaceutical company want a cure on the market, even if they own the rights?  They cannot make much off a cure, only short term subsidence of an aliment or side effects is truly profitable”?

There are also those that don’t want to go the “chemical route”.  They prefer to stay holistic in their approach.  To utilize natural substances, herbs, teas, potions and other things that have been used for ages.

Regardless of the reasons, the fact is that there is a void.  A large void in the area from discovery to time in market and or acceptance.  This void was originally caused by mans desire to protect themselves and others from slick snake oil men peddling potions and tonics that were supposed to cure everything from baldness to impotence.  Oh, wait, that still seems to be the case so what has changed.  Well, more and more it is getting harder for individuals to make those determinations by themselves.  Even despite hundreds of years of something being taken within a society and the commonly known effects, it cannot be marketed as a remedy or a cure for something without that “FDA” stamp of approval.  And on the flip side, hundreds of things have received that “STAMP” only later to be removed.  Look at how many things on the market now carry warning labeling that have be printed in number 4 font, front and back on a tri or 4 fold paper.

I am not denying that agencies like the FDA are useful and were created with good intent.  But the reality is, what is happening now, just frustrates people.  Especially when they see loved ones dying or suffering.  But the more and more that like minded people try to remedy themselves, the more and more that Big Brother seems to want to regulate that, and stop that.  I don’t mean to sound like an alarmist or conspiracy advocate, but it is getting pretty scary when we no longer can do as we wish with our own body as long as it does not cause injury to others.

I hope that we don’t see the day when we cannot try something without bells and whistles going off and someone coming to take us away in an attempt to protect us from ourselves.  If we need protecting from ourselves, then we are doomed.

In closing, I would like to reiterate the importance of those that do decide to self medicate or try new things, please, please, keep a record and let others know your results.

Hugo W

Battling Bad Science

This TED lecture I found to be excellent and thought I should share.
I have nothing to do with TED, I have no relationship to the speaker, the event, or the location.  I just simply wish to share this link and the contents of the lecture for other like minded individuals who can appreciate the content.

This lecture basically discusses how bad trials, bad trial information and withheld information hurts and hinders a persons medicinal decisions.

Oil of Oregano

A few years back (about 6), I had heard a lot of buzz with concern to Oil of Oregano.  Of course, the company pushing it at that time was using an angle that their oil was from a specific plant only found on certain hills in a remote part of Italy (is there such a place?).

I did end up purchasing some of this oil and I used it on a regular basis, orally.  I can say that the taste is very strong, burning sensation, and while I was taking it I did not become ill.  Was it the oil?  Not sure but I did not get ill, that is all that I know.

After  my extensive, continued research into health and longevity, I have come to the conclusion that the body can become inundated by various kinds of Fungi and the by product (excrement) of the fungi is toxic to the body.  It has been shown in lab studies that the oil of oregano does kill many variety of fungi, including Candida, which cause a variety of problems in the body.  However, what I have found to be missing in these statements is the fact that dropping oil of oregano directly onto fungi in a petri dish in a lab is not the same as taking a couple of drops a day orally.  I think this needs further study unless that kind of study has been done, then I would love to hear from others about that.

The other major things that are claimed to be benefits from Oil of Oregano are:

Anti -Parasitic
Anti-Viral and Anti-Oxidant
Anti-Allergen and Anti-Inflammatory

If even 1/2 of these claims are true, Oil of Oregano should be a terrific aid in the fight against aging.

You will note that I have added this topic to both “Skin Deep” and “Inside Out”.  That is because the claimed benefits from Oil or Oregano can be realized both by taking internally and topically.

I think this deserves a second look and I would love to hear from others about their experiences or observations on this topic.


Truely from the inside

I am sure we have all heard the phrase, “Young at heart”.  There is more to that saying then you think.  A good positive mental attitude can go farther then any pills or lotions when it comes to aging.

I know people 10 years younger then me and you would think they are 10 years older. The key issue is that they believe they are old.  Many people that I know, once they hit 40, think their life has been had, that now they just continue down hill and only have retirement to look forward too.

I also know a few people, in my industry (toys) that are older then me but look 10 years younger and the only difference is, they are still kids at heart.  Every day that you see them they have that skip/hop, what is out there wide eyed innocence about them like a child going to the fair for the first time.  And it is infectious also.  You will often see those around that person, on a day to day basis, with the same kind of attitude and youthful look about them.

I know that it seems so cliche but it really is true, give it a try, no, “Try not, do or don’t do”!  Look for things that make you happy, let go the things that make you angry.  Look at things through the eyes of a child and capture the wonderment that comes with it.  Think about all the things you have to live for, things you would like to do and see and how great it will feel to do them instead of lamenting over what you did not do or wont ever be able to do.  Look for rainbows and marvel when you see them.  Imagine a pot of gold at the end and even a leprechaun that will fight you for that pot of gold.  Think about how fun it would be to be a super hero and fly over a building.

Life truly is what we make of it, think young, live young, be young.